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Youth bulletin - Woman Nominated to be President of Southeastern California Conference
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Woman Nominated to be President of Southeastern California Conference


Sandra E. Roberts, the executive secretary of the Southeastern California Conference for the past nine years, has been nominated to be the conference president. The constituency will vote on her nomination at their meeting Oct. 27. If elected, she would be the first woman to be a president of a Seventh-day Adventist conference.

Roberts holds a Doctorate of Ministry degree from Claremont School of Theology as well as a Master of Arts degree in religious education from Andrews University. During her 26 years in the Southeastern California Conference, she has also served as the general manager and summer camp director at Pine Springs Ranch, the chaplain for the Loma Linda Elementary and Junior High, associate pastor of the Corona Church and associate youth director for the conference. She was ordained to the gospel ministry in 2012.

According to Fritz Guy, chair of the SECC nominating committee, current President Gerald D. Penick, Sr. told the committee that he did not want to be considered for re-election during the committee’s first meeting on Sept. 8. The committee met again and completed its work on Sept. 15. A report was posted on the conference website Monday evening, Sept. 16, and was also sent to the constituency meeting delegates.

No further notice of the committee’s work was made public, according to the SECC communications director Enno Mueller, who said the conference planned to wait for the vote of the constituency before making any statements about the change in officers.

Roberts’ nomination comes as the denomination is in the midst of an international discussion of whether or not to ordain women ministers. Last year the constituents of the Southeastern California Conference and the Pacific Union Conference, of which the SECC is a part, voted to proceed with ordination of women. This is significant, because conference presidents are required to be ordained ministers of the gospel. Southeastern California Conference is one of the largest local conferences in North America, with a membership of 70,572 who meet in 160 churches in the Imperial, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties. It is home to two denominational universities and its largest health care complex.

In another first, the nominating committee tapped Jonathan Park, who has served as a conference vice president for Asian Pacific Ministries, to take Roberts’ place as executive secretary. He is the first Asian-Pacific representative to be selected as one of the top officers of the conference. Elizer Sacey, pastor of the Redlands Filipino Church, has been named to the Asian Pacific Ministries position. The other two vice presidents, George King for Black Ministries and Alberto Ingleton for Hispanic Ministries were re-nominated. Treasurer Verlon Strauss was also re-nominated.

Under the conference’s bylaws, the nominating committee selects its own chair. Fritz Guy was chosen again. He also served as the chair at the previous nominating committee. Pacific Union Conference President Ricardo Graham attended the sessions as an adviser. The nominating committee also drew up a list of 20 members for the executive committee and the eight members of the bylaws committee. Conference bylaws specify representation on both committees to include people from all parts of the conference, male and female, from all of the ethnic churches, and to include someone under 40.

Interestingly, since delegates are chosen to represent churches, their ethnicity is determined by the church they attend. So at this session, one of the members, who had represented a Hispanic church but moved her membership to a mixed congregation, which is considered Anglo, was no longer counted among the Hispanic members.

On Oct. 27, 1,115 delegates will vote on Roberts’ historic nomination.

Bonnie Dwyer is the editor of Spectrum.


Sandra Roberts.jpg

지난 9년 동안 남동부 캘리포니아 회의 총무인 샌드라 E. 로버츠가 회장으로 지명되었다. 선거 위원들이 10월 27일 회의에서 그녀에 대한 지명 찬.반투를 힐 것이데, 지명될 경우 그녀는 제칠일 안식일 예수 재림 교회 초의 여성 회장이  될 것이다.

샌드라 로버츠는 앤드류스 대학에서 종교 교육학 석사 학위를 그리고 클레어몬트 신학 대학원에서 목회학 박사학위를 취득했다. 그녀는 남동부 캘리포니아 대회에서 26년 동안, 파인 스프링스 랜치, 로마 린다 초등학교와 코로나 교회의 중학교에서 교목, 회의 여름 캠프 청소년 디렉터로 봉사했고, 2012 년 복음 사역에 성임되었다.(중략)

남동부 캘리포니아 회는 오렌지, 리버 사이드, 샌 버나 디노와 샌디에고 카운티에있는 160 교회에 70,572명의 교인이 있는 대회로 북미 지역에서 가장 큰 지역 회 중 하나다.

또한 지명위원회는 샌드라 로버트 총무부장 후임으로 (옮긴이 주 :  한국인인 현 합회 아시안 코디네이터 박정희 목사)조나단 박을 지명했는데, 만일 그가 선출되면 아시아 태평양계로는 합회 최초의 최고직의 임원이 되는 것이다.(중략)

1,115명의 선거 위원단은 10월 27일에 샌드라 로버트의 역사적인 지명에 투표 할 것이다.

*옮긴이 주 : 만일 그들이 선출되면 재림교회 역사상 최초의 여성 합회장, 아시안 총무가 나오는 것이다.


2013.10.28 00:06:17

Sandra Roberts Becomes First Woman President


To loud applause Sunday afternoon, Dr. Sandra Roberts was confirmed as Southeastern California Conference’s next president, making her the first Adventist woman to serve as a conference president. The history-making vote (567 “yes” to 219 “no” or 72% to 28%) overwhelmingly affirmed the conference nominating committee’s recommendation despite a cautionary message from General Conference president Ted N. C. Wilson.

The vote came during the conference’s first quinquennial session. In Southeastern’s 2008 constituency session at the height of the national economic crisis, delegates voted to meet every five years instead of every four.

Worship preceded the day’s business. Dr. John Brunt, senior pastor of the Azure Hills Church, delivered the morning devotional in keeping with the day’s theme, “Follow Me.”
Brunt’s message focused on four outgrowths of Peter’s seemingly impulsive decision to follow Jesus as recorded in Mark’s Gospel: success, surprises, suffering and salvation. Recounting Peter’s rooftop vision in Joppa, Brunt noted that Peter was surprised by the inclusivity to which Peter was called. Calling on delegates to look past divisions, Brunt noted the ethnic diversity of the constituents, but said “that doesn’t matter here today” because God surprised Peter with the realization that God doesn’t play favorites. Brunt made the same point concerning gender: God doesn’t play favorites.

At 10:15am, following worship, conference president Gerald Penick declared the first quinquennial session called to order.

Delegates were briefed concerning their electronic voting devices and took a practice vote with interesting results. Practice voting revealed that 66.8% of seated delegates (including at-large delegates, mostly pastors) were male, and only 33.2% female. Of voting delegates, 79% were 41 years old or older, and 51.6% favored the Boston Red Sox over the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series.

The first major agenda item was the seating of nine new churches and five new companies that joined the conference since the last constituency meeting. Notably, with only a couple of exceptions, the new congregations were either Hispanic or Indonesian. The clear takeaway was that growth in the conference mirrors church growth denomination wide: it is strongest among distinct ethnic communities.

Next came reports from various offices within the conference headquarters. Of the reports, one stood out for its blend of upbeat news and somber stories. The education department headed by superintendent Donald Dudley reported that enrollment numbers conference-wide were steady until the 2008-2009 school year. The economic downturn hit Adventist schools hard, causing a precipitous drop in student enrollment that led to the closure of five small schools, characterized as schools with less than 100 students and a teaching principal. Things began looking up in 2012-2013, but enrollment in K-8 has dipped again in the current school year, Dudley said. He noted that schools have seen large graduating classes that are not necessarily being replaced with younger students.

When President Penick announced the conference nominating committee report, Pacific Union Conference president Ricardo Graham took the stage to preside alongside committee chair, Dr. Fritz Guy. Guy brought the recommendations of the committee for a vote.

Graham prefaced the discussion and votes on nominees with news that he had received personal communication from General Conference president Ted Wilson. Graham delivered the cautionary message from Elder Wilson, warning that if a woman were elected president, it would put the conference and the union in direct conflict with the General Conference, and a woman president would not be seated or given a vote at the upcoming Year End Meetings in Silver Spring. At this news, a loud murmur rippled through the gathering.

Graham hastened to add that the nominating committee had followed conference and union by-laws “to a T” (bringing strong applause) and that any potential conflict would only be between the union and the General Conference. He conveyed that voting for a woman as president would not be a problem from a conference or union policy standpoint and referenced union action concerning the North American Division’s E-60 policy.

Following Graham’s remarks, Dr. Guy moved the first recommendation of the nominating committee: Dr. Sandra Roberts as conference president. Delegates almost immediately began flocking to microphones to speak to the motion. The first commenter, a pastor, stated that some delegates did not hear Elder Wilson’s message, and asked Graham to repeat it, which Graham obligingly did.

Next, a slew of delegates spoke both for and against Roberts. Those in opposition to the nomination cited church unity and the need to defer to the world church on matters of ordination of women. Graham pointed out that as for General Conference policy requiring that a conference president be an ordained minister, Roberts already was (In March of 2012, SECC voted to ordain pastors without regard to gender).

Among those in favor of Roberts’ nomination, several prominent leaders spoke. Among them, Loma Linda University Church senior pastor Randy Roberts (no relation to Sandra) took the microphone, first stating that he felt it was very unfortunate that Elder Wilson chose not to deliver his message in person, electing instead to compel Graham to do it while simultaneously chairing the vote on Sandy Roberts’ nomination. Continuing, Randy Roberts stated that unity demands equality, and noted that it is those leaders in power who call for unity, and never those excluded from power. When he finished speaking, delegates applauded loudly.

La Sierra University Church senior pastor Chris Oberg spoke, noting that during the administration of former GC president Neal C. Wilson, Southeastern California Conference was at odds with the General Conference when it moved to pay men and women equally.

Following a vigorous discussion, and with numerous delegates still lined up to speak, Frieda Roos, a member of the conference executive committee called Roberts “the most qualified person to be president at this moment,” and called the previous question. Over 80% of delegates voted to end discussion and vote on Roberts’ nomination. Graham opened voting.

When the results were finally disclosed, 72% of delegates had voted to make Sandy Roberts the first woman to serve as a conference president in the Adventist denomination. Delegates responded with loud, sustained applause. Almost instantaneously, social media sites lit up with photos, status updates and tweets announcing the news and sending it viral.

Roberts’ rise to the presidency comes on the heels of her nine years as executive secretary. Prior to that, she served in the conference’s youth department for five years. She is a former pastor, chaplain, teacher and general manager at Pine Springs Ranch camp and conference center. Roberts succeeds Elder Gerald Penick, who served as president for nine years, and who will return to pastoral ministry to finish out his career of denominational service.
The rest of the conference officers were elected by large margins without discussion.

One of the most poignant agenda items came late in the meeting when Pastor Carmen Ibañez reported on Pine Springs Ranch, which was recently affected by a large wildfire that roared through the surrounding mountain communities. She shared a slideshow depicting some of the fire’s devastation, including damage to several camp facilities. After that, treasurer Verlon Strauss discussed money that has been set aside for Pine Springs Ranch since before the 2008 economic downturn. Delegates authorized the expenditure of insurance money and $1 million from the PSR endowment to begin rebuilding and restoring the camp.

Conference officers came to the stage to thank Gerald Penick for his years of service with his wife and family flanking him. Penick, in his final remarks before the meeting’s end, commended his successor saying, “We needed to break that glass ceiling. We needed to make things right.” He affirmed delegates’ choice, calling it an indication that they saw things as God saw them.

In closing, President Roberts told delegates that her vision is not for top-down leadership, but for an ongoing process of visioning together.


2013.10.28 00:49:31


샌드라 로버츠 박사가 2013년 10월 27일에 남동가주 합회장에 선출되었습니다. 

이로써 샌드라 로버츠는 

테드 윌슨 현 대총회장의 여성 합회장 선출시 불이익이 있을거라는 경고 

-여성합회장이 선출될 경우 대총회 연말회의에 여성 합회장에게는 참석권과 투표권을 주지 않겠다는-

(~정말 유치하고 치졸한 협박성~)

서한에도 불구하고 최초의 재림교회 여성 합회장이 되었습니다. 

투표 결과는 찬성 567표, 반대 219표로, 72% 대 28%의 압도적인 찬성입니다. 

투표 참석자 66.8%가 남성이었고, 여성은 33.2%였다.

그 중 79%가 41세 이상이었고,

51.6%가 월드 시리즈에서 보스턴 레드 삭스가 세인트 루이스를 이기기를 바랐다고.

샌드라 로버츠 신임 합회장은 선출 후 대의원들에게 

"하향식 리더쉽이 아니라 , 함께 지속적인 비전을 실행해 가자"고 했습니다.

심임 신디 로버츠 남동가주 합회장의 사역에 성령님의 인도하심이 함께 하시기를 

교우님들의 지속적인 기도 바랍니다.

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